At this hospital we follow a very safe protocol of anaesthesia. All patients receive a full veterinary examination on admission and will be stabilised prior to all surgical intervention. Blood tests and x-rays are performed if necessary to make sure the patient is fit for the anaesthetic procedures.

Honey, the rabbit, recovering from surgery to remove a cancer of the womb

During surgery patients get the full range of modern anaesthetics and pain relief with intravenous fluids as necessary. As we daily perform anaesthetics on tiny patients like budgies, chameleons and dwarf hamsters our veterinary team have a lot of expertise in extremely challenging anaesthetics. Some of these patients weigh only 30g with a blood volume of half a teaspoon – every drop of blood is precious!

Rocky, the African Grey under anaesthetic. He was in to have his sinuses flushed after a longstanding respiratory infection

Leo, the leopard tortoise, has a feeding tube inserted under anaesthetic. He hadn’t eaten for 4 weeks.